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List of active coin on this pool according to current coin database.

Name (Ticker) Algo Height Time Since Last Last Block Block (24h) Workers Shares Hashrate
Bitcoin (BTC)  Bitcoin (BTC) sha256 2034 57.26 Ph/s
Digibyte-sha256 (DGB)  Digibyte-sha256 (DGB) sha256 2034 8.18 Ph/s
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sha256 1879 32.72 Ph/s
Dogecoin (DOGE)  Dogecoin (DOGE) scrypt 693 3.69 Th/s
ZCASH  (ZEC)  ZCASH (ZEC) equihash 693 89.25 Mh/s
Dash (DASH)  Dash (DASH) x11 72 14.77 Th/s
Raven (RVN)  Raven (RVN) kawpaw 19 15.75 Gh/s
Ethereum Classic (ETC)  Ethereum Classic (ETC) ETChash 52.5 Gh/s
Litecoin (LTC)  Litecoin (LTC) scrypt 0 h/s