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List of active coin on this pool according to current coin database.

Name (Ticker) Algo Height Time Since Last Last Block Block (24h) Workers Shares Hashrate
Digibyte-sha256 (DGB)  Digibyte-sha256 (DGB) sha256 129 8.97 Ph/s
Dogecoin (DOGE)  Dogecoin (DOGE) scrypt 121 820 Gh/s
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sha256 103 5 Ph/s
ZCASH  (ZEC)  ZCASH (ZEC) equihash 102 8.84 Mh/s
Litecoin (LTC)  Litecoin (LTC) scrypt 80 470 Gh/s
Bitcoin (BTC)  Bitcoin (BTC) sha256 46 3.97 Ph/s
Raven (RVN)  Raven (RVN) kawpaw 41 10.81 Gh/s
Dash (DASH)  Dash (DASH) x11 30 35.32 Th/s
Ethereum Classic (ETC)  Ethereum Classic (ETC) ETChash 0 0 h/s